Moorosi's War in real time
History comes alive in newspaper reports


TODAY we learn what is happening in the world through real-time news reports. We experience wars, famines, floods and victories vicariously, through written reports, the spoken word and pictures. We understand what is happening, why it is occurring, and who the people are that are involved in making decisions about these events.

It’s real. It’s dramatic. It’s riveting. We can only guess what will happen next.

Now you can experience history in the same way. By reading a series of newspaper reports on a war fought 150 years ago, written as they would have been had today’s newspapers existed then, and based on thorough and accurate research, you will relate directly to the events they portray.

Suddenly the events that happened 150 years ago take on a new dimension. They are real and they make sense. You gain an understanding of history that you have never encountered before.

In this book you will learn how Moorosi's War began, how it was waged and how it ended. You will discover the truth of African colonialism. It is an exciting and enthralling story, told in an exciting way that will make you wiser.

NOTE: This book is a recounting in an entirely different way of events portrayed in two popular books, Moorosi and Sent to Kill by the same author

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Moorosi's War in real time History comes alive in newspaper reports